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    WENZHOU XUXIN TRANSMISSION Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd(WENZHOU OUHAI VARIABLE SPEED MACHINERY Co.,Ltd)It is a modern and industrial business enterprise that is engaged in to reduce,become soon the machine development and produces and sells. 

    The business enterprise starts a business in 1988, passing by to keep on the continuous science and technology innovation and the brand management, having already built up the special brand magic power and solid development foundation of oneself. The company has strong technique real strenght, the forerunner's production equipments, the examination means of the high accuracy, have the modern industrial business enterprise management level. Now the predominant product has already become XR Series Helical Gear Units,  XF Series Parallel Shaft Helical Gear Units,XK Serial Helical-bevel Gear Units,XS Series Helical-worm Gear Units, XT Series Spiral Bevel Gear Units, XB Series High Power Gear Units ,XH  Series High Power Gear Units ,NMRV Series Worm Gear Units , MB,MBN Series Planetary Friction Mechanical speed variator , X,B series cycloid reducer, WB series cycloid micro reducer to wait more than ten serieses,several thousand kinds of specificationses of in general use product. The company’s products mainly meet the demand from power transmission fields and widely be used in the multiple industry such as logistics, storage, steel ,metallurgy, rubber and plastic, food, beverage, construction, print, packing, hoist, textile, chemical industry and environment protection. The company owns a perfect local marketing network, the product sells domestic each big,medium city, and the kit export Southeast Asia,Europe and America etc. more than ten nations and region

     In the growth of cooperation, XUXIN had been persisting in the operation conception ”quality, cost, efficiency, service, sincerity and honor” Combine perseveringly a business enterprise target of follow"the With zhe dashing spirit to go forging ahead and the efforts to create new trials to get XUXIN TRANSMISSION into the world", Work hard to become whole spread to move a project to solve an expert, carry out the famous brand of"XUX", work hard unremittingly for developping China to spread to move an industry.

       Our enthusiasm is welcome domestic and international new the old friend come a visit instruction, the person of XUXIN people will with brand-new of the feature hold hands with you and enter, create glorious future together!

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